***UPDATED February 27th, 2016***

At nearly 38 years old I’m often observing what about my life feels comfortable and what feels uncomfortable. It’s interesting how I make choices with these two points of view.

Sometimes I choose to lean into uncomfortable and see what new awareness comes. Sometimes I eat a lot of chips.

I’ve reached the threshold where I have been my girls’ mum longer than their bio-mum.

That’s comfortable.

My girl child being a cheerleader and being asked out: uncomfortable.

My eyes are often seeing the world and turning it into art. I make short ribs with celery root puree. I cook for large groups with no plan or recipe, relying on love. That’s also art.

I see more animals coming into my life. I’ve been speaking with the animals more lately. My dog smells like skunk and my cat wishes winter would just bugger off. I’m still working on installing some city chickens.

Wedding Day!

I’m dedicated to our lovely community of families that make up the London Waldorf School. I truly feel that by giving children solid roots and gorgeous wings we enable them to have the freedom of choice to make this world their own. It is really a movement for social change. We all get to participate. What can we create together?

My husband has made our lives super public on the interwebs with his writing projects. The results are beautifully astounding. So, no more code names for our kids here.

Jason is my rock. He’s the kind of rock that gathers not only verdant green moss but hugs and gum wrappers then flings them off as he’s careening down a hill in a rush towards his next project that could potentially look something like a red-earthed, wild west, log cabin town with a flourescent ferris wheel at the centre of it all. I bet it lights up at night.

What are you creating? 

xo  Tanja


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