Follow the Energy

It’s been nearly 6 years since we became a family.

Check out the enthusiasm below.

***MY FIRST ABOUT PAGE*** At 33, I’m a new mum and it has provided the most fun with food I have ever had. Coming from a family of two girls I’ve always wanted two little girls of my own. In the last two years my wishes have all fallen into place but not without a lion’s share of upheaval.  My very significant other, single dad of Clover (then 6) & Belles (then 5) {blog names}, was left truly single in March 2010 with the death of his ex-wife.  She was mentally ill, unable to care for her girls or their marriage and as a result, they had parted ways some years ago.  Introducing moi: navigator of uncharted territory & filler of very large boots. Over the last few years I’ve transformed from unsure divorcee to a confident mummy-role-model-teacher-partner-hilarious-in-my-own-skin-contributor-to-society. I was made for this groove. Result: the most fun, intense and rewarding days EVAH!  I remember all the fancy restaurants of my single days and I have yet to miss them one bit. I rarely dwell on the total impact of my influence on my two baby birds (while my partner JMac marvels daily at the impact only a woman can have on two chicklets). My methodology is a potage-type concoction of hugs, remembering how I felt at their age, more hugs, setting up a pomegranate dissection station, kisses, pulling chairs up to the stove, high fives and wet wipes.  You learn by doing. This experiential learning is focused on my kids but it’s just as poignant for me. I want to expand my writing about both these worlds of transformation. I devour food blogs and mommy blogs with equal zeal. They make up 90% of my browser bookmarks for cripes sake.  What I enjoy is reading practical tips, getting inspired for tonight’s meal time and watching the relationship between mummy and the rest of the family blossom.  Food is my main vehicle for strengthening our familial bond. I’ve been posting food stories and photos of our adventures since Tweetdeck let you drag and drop pictures.  It is not uncommon for me to confess my food guilt via 5 different media outlets after feeding everyone hotdogs.  I celebrate fun pre-dinner prep with resulting photos from the kids smashing, with their tiny fists, their own fingerling potatoes.  Right now, I work full-time, but come July will make the change to full time SAHM to pursue the food/mummy/photography passion simmering inside.  I’m truly grateful that I have this opportunity and couldn’t do it without my incredibly supportive spouse. I know about food. Frequenting fancy restaurants was my serious hobby for many years. I became very good at taking photos of my dinner plate on the sly. I’ve had many successes recreating the complex restaurant dishes on a lazy Sunday.  I’ve grazed in Kenyan grasslands on skewers of zebra and sent back cool espresso in Rome.  I read cookbooks by candlelight.  I know my food and savor every bite. An audience is what I want. I aim to inspire mummys to let the mess happen on purpose.  There are days we just want to fuel them; when one piece of broccoli and a chicken nugget counts as ‘dinner’.  I want to show ways to ensure the nutrients go in and laughter is what is coming out.  I want to address the worries about picky eaters, allergies and table traditions and I can take what the commentators have to dish out. I want to learn what other mummys are doing. What‘s working? What’s just NOT? I’m practical and solutions focused. I can break down a potentially anxiety filled meal time into manageable bites.  I create a relationship with my kids by fostering their relationship with food.  I explain and we bond and they grow increasingly confident.  Knowledge about food and the empowerment available for these two young women is something I truly believe in.  Offer multiple dipping sauces and they get to choose their flavor of food power. Honestly, they are lapping it up. I suspect my blogging will be a collection of successes & failures like many others.  I haven’t ‘grown up’ with my girls but what I certainly have in common with all the other mummy’s is that this is real time muddling through, a journey of the most true kind, the waypoints being the food fuel we create & inhale together.  So that’s my shtick: Recognition of this journey and what it looks like from the perspective of the splatters on the stove.  The true results are in the smiles peppered with spinach between their teeth. PS. This mummy eats your Halloween candy after you’ve gone to bed.

If you zoomed through that I don’t blame you. It was a pretty picture though.

Here’s an update:

I DO miss nice restaurants. I don’t read mommy blogs anymore. I have a selection of preferred food sites and am only adding Australian ones to my collection until someone on this side of the pond can wow me again. I buy my own candy. I don’t post regularly on my famous mummy food blog. I don’t clean the kitchen every day. They don’t thank me for dinner on the reg (maybe because I don’t make it on the reg), but what I am aware of is an EASE, something comfortable from which to create something bigger than a happy home. You’ll find me most days participating in caffeine, dog walking and all manner of events at the kids school. Yesterday, I had my dog wear a back pack and he carried home the wine for dinner.


If you truly follow the energy you won’t land where you THINK you will. Because you are going with what you FEEL. Your awareness. Keep playing with that.

Here’s where I’m playing these days:

On top of that, I get immense satisfaction from hearing the kids friends brag about coming over to our house because they get to eat my delicious food. WINNING. xo.


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