Everyone Thinks They Can Write a Book

Deep inside I’m willing to bet that everyone feels they have a story to tell. It’s when they start judging that urge that they’ll second guess themselves and wonder who would ever read it. Or how it would ever get written with their other life commitments. Or who would buy it. Or this one: “Everything has already been written”.

It’s easy to feel that all creative pursuits are worthless with Pinterest and the rest of the ginormous Internet gently mocking you, daring you, to find something novel to share with the world. But here’s the thing. A wise person verbally bitch-slapped with this morning with this little bit of perspective: that piece of art, that piece of writing, has never been drawn by YOUR hand or written from YOUR perspective. And that’s not all. While your perspective may not be unique, it simply doesn’t have to be. If the creative process might feel even a smidge good to YOU, then isn’t that worth it? Share what’s inside YOU and you can’t go wrong. At the end of all your excuses for not MAKING something I think people truly want to know that their drive to express themselves could turn into SOMETHING. And people want to know you who you are. Open yourself up a bit. What’s the worst that can happen?

I’m about to be a mega-tourist for about a year. My friend Jackie has committed to writing an Ayurvedic Cookbook. I’ve committed to helping her. Simple recipes that support your body and soul.

And yes, the book will lay flat and have loss of photos.

The 'wise lady' mentioned above also made this stunner of an apron for me!

The ‘wise lady’ mentioned above also made this stunner of an apron for me!

There are so many cookbooks out there. So what? We will collect and share with you what are currently exploring in our kitchens. And the entire process will be food for our souls.

Be bold. Namaste.


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