I Love/Hate School Lunches

Dinner can always make up for some lunches

I have experienced a shift as of late.

This shift feels like it’s here to stay and one previously bothersome area that has (miraculously) relented it’s withered & bony grasp on me is the idea of making my girls school lunches.

They go to a school where the parent base puts a significant amount of conscious thought into their kids food (read: extra crunchy granola mommas). There are so many alternative expressions of nourishment and I really have no excuse for GMO-laden pre packaged granola bars. But here’s why I’m not stressed out to measure up to the gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, organic ideal I’ve imagined and have simply let go of all my school-lunch baggage:

1. They can now listen to their own bodies.

I’ve spent the last year lecturing about tummy aches from pancakes and how bacon comes from smart-as-fuck porcine beauties. You want to feel good and be vegetarian? Your choice now kiddos. I’ll do my best to support you as I’m able. I still like bacon and what’s convenient just now is the nitrate flavoured kind. I’ll make some extra for you if you like.

The power they feel from making their own food choices is cute and a spectacular base for choice-making in their futures. Deep down, they already know what’s good for them. When listening to their guts fails, a healthy dose of guilt will be their guide.

2. They can make their own lunches whenever I’m not up for it.

They are going into Grade 3 & 5. One of their friends has made her own lunch since Grade 1. I’m totally comfortable using her as a benchmark. This has been a summer of ‘help yourself’ so they are well aware of what makes up a lunch that’s balanced.

Some morning I need coffee and internet instead of omelettes and ham sandwiches. Make it yourself.

3. Kids don’t care so much about variety.

I could give Clover the same thing every day for a week and hear nothing about it.

My mom says that’s fine so it must be true. I don’t have to operate that way with MY lunch.

Momma's yummy lunch

4. We sit down to eat as a family nearly every night.

The nutrients they don’t get at lunch get jammed in presented again at dinner. Kudos to my own mother for waving her hands at me on this one. She’s right about their overall healthy eating. We eat the rainbow here people.

So right, it is only the week BEFORE school starts and I have yet to test my mettle but I’m just not stressed about it!

I am even armed with a list as backup!

Here’s the list the kids brainstormed that has mostly new-ish items on it:

  • hard boiled eggs
  • cheese curds
  • wraps
  • sausage & pasta
  • naan & tzatziki
  • ramen noodles (where they’ve had these I dont know)
  • bagel with cream cheese
  • dried fruit
  • ‘breakfast salad’ they learned at a cooking seminar
  • chicken chunks on cous cous
  • rice
  • sweet potato
  • popcorn
  • meatballs

Those are some easy starting points and will always be coupled with their go-to standards: apple, banana, ham, yoghurt, & copious crudités.

I think it might be just that easy.


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