Summer Fun & Food Sovereignty


Last summer I was pretty nervous that I would be responsible for feeding and entertaining my cuties all day every day for three months. I thought we’d be bored. I thought they’d be in my face. It didn’t end up that way. We found plenty to do. We made a list and did most of the things on it. We had swimming lessons every day for two weeks. We went to the cottage 5 hours away. We went to the beach once or twice with some friends. We went to the Children’s Museum. It was just fine and i have no qualms about this coming summer but I need to switch gears for a moment.

Monsanto Lends a Hand

Yesterday something great happened: world wide protests against Monsanto. I planned on going. I wanted my girls to come. It turned out they were both away with friends and I had a pair of strong arms to help dig up another 10 square meters of lawn and turn it into garden. So JMac dug, I cleared other space, and planted food. Food for our family. Food for my sanity. So while I wasn’t out there in the throngs standing up for our food sovereignty, I was home taking practical action. It’s a quiet revolution but one of the most radical things you can do.

So when we are not tending our garden this summer you’ll find us doing one of the things on this great list. They are pretty Waldorf friendly, meaning they are about learning through play and nature. They are simple and kid-driven. I personally really want to do the very last one or be of service to others in some way more often. Less than 5 weeks until summer vacation!



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