Simple Chicken Pot Pie

Every month, I luxuriate in the two magazines that I have delivered to my home. One is UTNE Reader for my dose of alternative media and the other is my absolute fav at the moment, Bon Appetit. I always find at least one recipe that I go ahead and make. As you might already know, I suck at sticking to a recipe. I always think I can do it better or the methodology is off  for my taste (let the garlic brown with the onions? gross). With BA though, it’s been consistently good.

Chicken Pot Pie Leftovers for Lunch

On Sunday, I prepped everything to make this chicken pot pie. I wanted to be able to throw it together on a weeknight. It worked wonderfully. I kibitzed with a girlfriend who sat at the kitchen island and in an hour out popped a delish smelling, pastry topped, chicken pot pie. My first.

In a moment of miracles all adults and children came to the table hungry at 7:30. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. It was one of those busy nights with playdates and meetings. Leery glances and wondering stomachs asked too many questions about what dinner was all about. I stayed quiet and dished it out and holy shit – they liked it. Kid who doesn’t like butternut squash or kale, LIKED IT. Mostly Paleo hubby, LIKED IT. I thought it was a bit bland. Added Maldon salt, and made it pop on the plate. It still wasn’t stunning for me but the ratios were perfect. The presentation, also perfect.

But guess what? Someone needs to eat those leftovers for lunch. That’s me. And that’s all you get to see. A photo of today’s leftovers. You must also know that today, this tasted way more awesome.

Simple, uncomplicated, straight forward, no sub-text cooking, writing, reading, and living is getting my vote these days. So no kid, you’re not getting a hamster for your birthday.


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