Cottage Food ~ What We Actually Ate

I ate too much. I really looked like I was carrying a beach ball under my tshirt. My husband-to-be (pictured below) momentarily reconsidered our nuptials when his eyes rested on my swollen gut and he did a double take of my distended ‘Patrick.’  We sometimes call my stomach Patrick in our house. He has his own personality. And while he is totally my responsibility to control, every once in a while, like on a long weekend away, he will just win. And eat butter tarts. With ice cream. So there was that.

What we also had was perfect weather, amazing company, fireworks, kids playing nicely together and calm canoe rides just mama and daughter, just mama and papa.

We had a food plan and I’m surprised how well we stuck to our  mains instead of mowing back some hotdogs. I guess we are grown up now.

Here is what we ate in real life at the cottage:


Dinner: hotdogs, hamburgers, beer


Breakfast: Bacon, gluten free bagel, toast and peanut butter

Lunch: Chocolate cake & home made vanilla ice cream for the Birthday Girl, salad with bbq chicken, goat cheese

Snack: Almonds, chocolate, hard cider

Dinner: Gluten free pasta, home made meat sauce, caesar salad, beer


Breakfast: Frittatta with red pepper, fiddle heads and old cheddar, stir fried leeks and asparagus, brekkie sausages, fruit salad with grapefruit, strawberries, pears and mint (SO GOOD!)

Lunch: Sausages, no salad, white wine spritzers with mint

Snack: Chips, buter tarts, icecream, hard cider

Dinner: Wine, pork souvlaki, giant greek salad, fresh naan, tzatziki (BEST GREEK MEAL I’VE EVER HAD)


Breakfast: Cheddar bread pudding with whipped cream, maple syrup, breakfast sausages, bacon, coffee (DIVINE!!)

Snack: Split the last cider with my mate before the 4 hour car ride home, toosie pop, liquorice, bubbly water

Do you have any May 24 Weekend rituals? How do you celebrate a long weekend food-wise? Gluttony or creativity? Both?


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