Cottage Food ~ A Weekend Menu

We are going away for the weekend to a friends cottage. That’s what you do on the May 24 weekend here in Canada. I have years of experience under my belt. Unfortunately, that experience was in my teenage years when my rowdy friends and I could subsist on hot dogs, peach schnapps & Tang for three days. We ate fast food on the way there and on the way back and no one needed coffee to start their day.

Fast forward to a family of four with high maintenance food needs. We are by no means SUPER high maintenance but chips and burgers are not going to work for my anti-bloating ideal. You see, we are getting officially married next week and I’m now panicking about my tummy feeling okay in the days before. Then there is Vanity Himself (hugs!) who is eating like a caveman and Belles who looks like a helium balloon every time she eats mega-carbs. With three families going to the cottage we are meal sharing. That’s what you do and it will be fine. Especially for the children who will gorge on the snacks they never see at home in such abundance. But I know my man and he will need some easy protein on which to snack.

Cottage Food Plan:


Dinner: hotdogs & hamburgers


Breakfast: Bacon & Eggs

Lunch: Cake & home made ice cream for the Birthday Girl, salad with bbq chicken

Snack: Almonds, shrimp, cheese & cracker platter

Dinner: Mystery meal from Family #1


Breakfast: Mystery brunch fare from Family #2. Bacon, eggs, pancakes?

Lunch: Sausages & salad

Snack: Almonds, shrimp, ham sandwiches, chips, whatever else is laying around

Dinner: Gluten free pasta, home made meat sauce & garlic bread, salad



Note the use of the word PLAN. I’m fully aware that this is not how it will go down. I’m also noticing the lack of grass-fed beef. I plan to let y’all know what was ACTUALLY consumed by 6 adults and 8 children in the wilds of Canada.

What are your go-to cottage meals for a group? How do you deal with special diets?


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