S’mores – An Occasion For It’s Own Sake

That photo there – that’s what I call S’mores. I’ve never understood how it’s all supposed to melt together since marshmallow doesn’t really get hot enough to melt the chocolate but kids don’t seem to care.  It’s a fireside experiment to them and I love to watch them learn.

It also seems that ‘teaching the children about food’ and blogging about it is not what I thought it would be.  I thought I would show chopping technique, give suggestions as to what activities are best for children to engage in with parentals in the kitchen or at the very least I would post healthy things my kids liked to eat with the hopes that yours would too. Nope. I tend to now blog about the exceptions, punctuations points and occasions. Like making S’mores outside. You know, that campfire activity that everyone THINKS they like but just ends in sticky hair and tummy aches?

Take this shot for instance. In an attempt to melt everything together in the dreamland of Smores we wrapped everything in aluminum foil and placed it fire side for a few minutes. This resulted in ‘Mummy, it’s HOT!’. It’s supposed to be hot child. Are you really whining about S’mores?

With food, it’s OCCASIONS that I remember from my childhood. Take for example, the Pig Roast. Someone dug a pit. Someone built a fire at 6am. Someone brought a hog on a spit. And someone had to crank that sucker every half hour for 10 hours. Now that i’m an adult I don’t understand how that got done with coolers full of beer so overflowing. By the way, pig roasts no longer function on this awkward model as I have discovered in my catering reconnaissance for our backyard Wedding Celebration. Pigs can be roasted in a self contained unit and be done in 3 hours. How very – efficient. But I digress…

S’mores: Of course when you remind the children that they love sugar and this is a special treat they will do everything in their power to force the sugary treat down their gullets. She looks so pained doesn’t she?

Making occasions out of seemingly every day events was a gift I was given long ago.  Nutritional info thrown by the wayside, as long we keep making food an OCCASION, I feel like we are doing our part to teach a reverence for food and it’s place in the celebrations of life.


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