Waldorf Education: May Fair, Toonie Jars & TV Time

It’s hard for me not to share my joy about the school that our children attend. It feels natural and the girls are thriving.  To grab myself a bit of the school enthusiasm and community I get involved when ever I can.

My latest participation in our girls holistic education is the creation of the ‘Toonie Jars” that will be the prizes for a $2 bean bag toss game at London Waldorf School May Fair & Open House on May 6th. I volunteered Clover’s Grade 3 class to be in charge of creating and collecting these cute prizes and dove in with this fun poster.

Sound like I’m pitching the Fair & Open House? I am. Bragging a little about my craftiness? Yes, that too. There is connection to Mother Nature here. There is a sensitivity to each individual child. It’s granola in the best of ways, giving children a basis of wonder that will support life long learning. That’s what we are seeing.

Have I mentioned the food? Imagine chicken curry made from scratch or the gooey single plantation chocolate brownies offered at the May Fair lunch buffet.

But really, what’s getting me today is the little story that could be told about each precious glass environment. Each has a story that may have happened before it arrived at MayFair and each will create a story in a family’s life after May Fair. I’m imagining an early morning sidewalk chalking brigade taking to the pavement to write messages to the mailman in front of someone’s home. Sounds idyllic right?

It really kind of… is.

Waldorf Education is a special world and that is why I wanted to tell you about it. So many people haven’t heard about it. It’s unique in it’s attention to the rhythms of children’s development.  Reading a bunch of Rudolph Steiner (founder of Waldorf Education) philosophy is not what resonated for me. Sitting in on a class at our local Waldorf school is what clinched it for us. The children have a confidence that I have never seen in a typical school. They are outgoing, curious and caring. Respectful. So if you are curious about Waldorf education come to our May Fair & Open House. Go to your local one. There will likely be a May Pole! People will dance around it!

Another benefit of tuning into the natural rhythms of our kids: they’ve stopped asking to watch TV. They are much too busy creating a school house in the yard, playing with sticks and molding clay. Their imaginations are alive and I am so not worried about what comes next.


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