Decadent Indulgence & Cause For Celebration

We don’t snack much around here. Or eat much junk. But when I underwrite an indulgence, it’s decadent.

On a whim this week I picked up three extra large specialty cupcakes one day after school. We ate, savoured, and held our bellies. We’ve been eating so well, the girls food-itudes have been easy and positive, and so I felt a treat would be okay.

For me, indulgence and enjoyment is a part of mindful eating. I’m not going to go into a diatribe about chewing 100 times. It’s a practice, not something else to put on your to-do list. It’s why I like to sit to eat. Not in the car, at the table. With people. I like to chew and taste and I feel weird if I don’t have a napkin, proper cutlery and a nice plate. The point is, I hope by modelling an appreciation for food that Clover & Belles will love it all of their lives.  Lesson over.

Also. So. And. There is cause for celebration!

JMac had a stroke of genius when he roped the girls into a plot to officially propose to me this past Sunday. He had them in on the plan from Friday night when he decided that the next day, while I was in the big city having a raucous overnight getaway, he would swoop in and purchase the beautiful platinum estate ring I had my eye on. I knew we were getting married this summer. I knew this because I was browsing rings, dresses, decor and of course food all over the inter webs.  We obviously had talked about it. It was a done deal. I planned on planning something. City hall and a backyard bash was, and still is, the plan, but I wasn’t expecting a full, one-bended-knee proposal.

When I left for the Yoga Conference (visiting my friend Charles!) and Girls Night (this hilarious one, and this floral freelancer) I didn’t suspect a thing. I came home ragged, tired, and in need of a shower. The three of them sat me down. I asked if I could shower before the unveiling of their surprise. I knew they had done something while I was gone. I knew they were planning something since Friday. I thought they they were going to refold all the clothes in my drawers or something sweet like that. Or wash windows. Seriously.

The three of them were dressed up like we were going out for dinner. Too tired to make anything of it I sat my unsuspecting butt down and heard: “I should have done this a long time ago…” An audible click was heard as my brain turned over.

Tears welled up. He asked. I said ‘Of course’ and there was lots of hugging. The girls’ friends were in on it too. They had all created art for me that insisted that I say yes. It proclaimed me a ‘fiancé’.


I didn’t think I cared about a formal proposal. We are meant to be together and we were going to seal the deal no matter what. Turns out I did care a little. And so did JMac, Clover & Belles. Paraphrasing my friend Kim Parker, it’s a line in the sand and sometimes these milestones are worthy markers of your journey.

Word got out and in celebration, my supermumma friend, writer  and book clubber, the very same Kim Parker, created this pocketful of posey cupcakes for us. I went to bed very emotional, woke up in the middle of the night grateful and sincerely moved, and got up in the morning protective of the delicate white chocolate petals. Her generosity of spirit is just, HOLY MACKEREL. She, like all of us, has enough on the go. So, thank you Kim!

We will happily indulge in this moment.


4 thoughts on “Decadent Indulgence & Cause For Celebration

  1. congrats! I think you’ll be amazed- It really does somehow feel different when you’re really, truly married. Beautiful story- so nice that the girls were in on it too!

  2. Sweet Momma yourself. Love the way you love those girls. I honour that.
    PS In your food exploration, have an opinion on juicing and juicers? Tried Kale and carrot in the blender with fruit today – like eating pebbles. I can feel some spending coming on. Suggestions? Kim x

    • Blender is not my fav at all. I personally love the juicer but what the girls will drink from it is seriously limited. I think the green colour is the biggest limitation and blueberries don’t do well in it in my experience. You’d be better off with a Vitamix for the fibre addition. If there is a way to hide the colour of the sludge even better. Let the kids put their own items in and press the buttons. Have them see what one stalk of kale will do colour and taste wise to a concoction that they already like. Add some protein powder too. There is vegan and vanilla flavoured of course. If you can find a ‘recipe’ they like you can then add the omega fats and super foods. Dr. Mercola has some advice on that. I had a tasting party with shot glasses with the girls. Start with one item ‘juiced’. Presentation always rocks it. Some blueberries on a plate with a shot glass of blueberry juice right beside (adding super foods in too) draws the obvious connection between them. I’ve got a million more ideas!

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