Leading By Example: An Honour

Two years ago today, my girls’ biological mother died.

What does that have to do with a photo of salad? Salad with chicken, oil, vinegar, goat cheese, apples, almonds and cranberries? It’s about setting an example. Children may be inhaling ice cream and cake at birthday parties but their life long eating habits are coming from you. Explaining what we eat and why is a part of our daily routine. Their mumma in heaven ate very well and would approve, I’m sure.

I used to take photos of my cubicle lunches all the time. Now there is no one around at lunch to smell my moroccan chicken or pad thai in person so here is my post yoga lunch in it’s iPhoneographic glory. Mostly primal and mostly caveman friendly. I’m finding that carbs have a smaller and smaller role in our meals these days. And I feel less achy, have less wild swings of hunger and it’s actually a little bit fun to feed my Caveman Grok.

It has been a total honour to raise such wonderful girls for the last two years. Tonight we will raise a glass to Mummy in Heaven. She is welcome for dinner any time.


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