Broken Promises – Birthday Treats

They didn’t believe I would do it.

What promises have I broken with regards to food (or anything really) to make the children believe I wouldn’t whip up a batch of the old standby birthday class treat? Rice Krispie squares are awesome yumminess. But both Clover and Belles had doubts about my ‘cooking’ after their bedtime. Huh. What’s that all about?

I made them. I added sprinkles to the top for that festive birthday touch. I ate the leftovers and took not one photo! I grabbed this shot from One Ordinary Day blog as mine looked the same. I’m sure mine didn’t taste as fabulous without the cake mix though! My arm almost fell off from stirring the melting marshmallows. Wimpy, I know.

Belles, who just turned 7, let her class gobble them up. Teachers thank me, not for the sugar-ed up kids, but for the leftovers that they too, gobbled up.

Happy Birthday kid! 10pm rice krispie squares I will do any time!


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