Playing Primal: A Caveman is Visiting This House

The long and the short of it is that my darling husband, in his never ending dietary experimentation, has declared this house The Land of Grok. We are going as Paleo as possible and will be eating more proteins and veg than anything else. Of course the children will suffer little (pancakes are too easy) and I, sensitive to grains anyway, have another reason to eat in the way that makes me feel good.

I tried to scare him out of it by bringing home two giant steaks from the market with the receipt on top. However, without saying a word, his eyes told me that the pre existing beer budget will now go to meat. I believe this is what he might coin ‘balanced eating’ but you can go read his thoughts for yourself.

To get all the tempting carbs and grains out of the house I was just this very moment forced to scarf three huge pieces of this fabulous black sesame tea cake with pears from the latest Bon Appetit magazine before he wakes and emerges groggy from his cave.

This cake is NOT Paleo or Primal

After searching my town for three days for black sesame seeds I must declare this cake a tremendous success. It’s just yum and I’m not really a sweets person. See ya later excess carbs!


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