Potatoes : Scalloped

When we have guests I have no qualms about treating them as guinea pigs.  It had been years since I attempted the heavy goodness of scalloped potatoes and for that reason alone, last weekends company got the honour of inhaling the layers of cheese and starchy tuber.

So, instead of teaching the children anything about the 1001 ways to prepare potatoes (you know, in case the market crashes and it’s the Food Apocalypse), I just made it and served it. They ate. The guest children too. They didn’t complain. But they certainly were not crying out for more. That’s fine. The adults raved and I had lunch leftovers that I truly savoured.

As you can see, small-handed help was nearby.  I don’t normally panic when my girls use sharp things in the kitchen but this mandolin is tricky. It’s cheap and slippery. Mumma did this part. Oh wait – I did all the parts. Because I wanted to.

This is that part where I admit I didn’t want any help, nor did I feel like teaching. Truly. There are many gifts that a kitchen can give sometimes I just relish the feel of all the ingredients passing through my own hands, the entire process resulting in my art. For me it’s a form of self expression. You can see Belles in the background creating her own art.

Lessons Learned: not every session in the kitchen with Clover and Belles will end up in some Ah Ha moment. Especially if I don’t feel like giving up creative control. Sometimes you want to wrap yourself in the melty, cheesy, warmth of creating 10,000 calories. I’m good with that.


2 thoughts on “Potatoes : Scalloped

  1. I’m very lucky that’s for sure!! I seem to be standing on my island for a lot of shots… Potatoes went to plate so fast and at such a late hour that there were no shots of the gooey insides of that dish. Perils of practical cooking I suppose!

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