Obligatory Winter Comfort Food Post

This isn’t anything new people.

It’s cold outside. You want your tummy filled with a satisfying, nap-inducing, carb-laden bowl of heartiness.

Introducing, pasta with meat sauce! Known in our family as ‘Nudeln und Gehaktes’. Roughly translated, noodles and ground meat.

So the snow is here to stay and my weekend naps are increasing in frequency. Partly due to this kind of thing:

Go ahead and ask me for the recipe. I can’t give you one. I have some mostly vague guidelines though:

half lb ground beef, half lb ground pork

2 cans Eden organic whole roma tomatoes

4 heaping tablespoons prepared pesto, Kirkland brand from Costco was handy

4 cloves of garlic

2 little onions

8 sundried tomatoes in oil

splash of olive juice

gooey balsamic vinegar (from Modena!)

rosemary, oregano, chili flakes, pepper, salt

gluten free pasta because it sits better in my stomach

What happened next was that the kids didn’t like it. They could see everything that was in it. JMac felt similar but more because the flavours weren’t melding. Yah? Ok. I whizzed it up in my Cuisinart making it look like cat food. Put it back in the pan, added frozen parsley and frozen chopped spinach. Made it mostly pretty again but more importantly today was that it tasted so awesomely wicked. Here’s the proof: Uncle Bunny came for dinner. He had spaghetti for the last 4 nights in a row. I’m not exaggerating for blog purposes here but his Night 5 was obviously glorious because he told me so. 5 times. I am pleased.

The garlic bread I made was also killer. Maybe you’ll see that here another time.

Lesson: whiz up your meat sauce.

Have you ever done this?


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