Roast Chicken a la Queen

The evening meal last night ended with applause. Literally.

My hubby, JMac led the children in a round of appreciative applause for my all-day dabbling-type effort that resulted in the BEST ROAST CHICKEN I HAVE EVER HAD. Not just best I’ve ever made. The best I have ever eaten in my lifetime.

I started with recipe inspiration from this book: Heart of the Artichoke and Other Kitchen Journeys by David Tanis. It’s basically impossible for me to follow a recipe to the letter but I was not far off on this one. And I was well rewarded.

Clover, turning 8 soon, insisted she ‘doesn’t like roast chicken or mashed potatoes”. Fine. But Mummy likes them. Suck it up. Turns out roast chicken suits her just fine. I had them pick which quarter of the lovely bird they like. Clover picked leg and thigh. Belles picked the breast and went caveman-double-fist-grip on the juicy bird boob. It was carnal. Then there was the gravy I wasn’t going to make. It was divine but awkward making it in the roasting pan on the stove. I persevered and it was totally worth it. Not even time to snap a photo of that bit of heaven.

There were mashed potatoes of course. They were an afterthought to everyone’s feasting even though they were way above average. I’m not bragging here. The fact is I make kick-ass mashed potatoes.

The process (chopping out the back bone – yeehaw!) and the love (wine spritzer?) were infused into the bird. The girls ate it up.

I am queen of the roast chicken.

Should I make soup?


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