I Got What I Wanted

I found a scribble today amongst the papers and papers and papers of my past offices. This one was a list of things I wanted. You know, back in 2005. I heard that if you can figure that out, if you can be really clear about what you want, it’s much more likely to come to you. Mine said:

I want to write

I want my partner to be spontaneous

I want the space to be moody

I want a good parent to my babies

I want some things to just be understood and go unspoken

Taking this in from here, in this space 10 years later, my perspective is so much larger.  I laugh at the fact that the list has wishes for how others should be. Like I could control that. But in a way you can. You choose who influences you. You wont always be the strongest one or the one that directs the traffic. So stop trying to shape everything around you with a knife and just make simple, good decisions. Do you want to be healthy? Choose an apple. Do you want laughter in your house? Learn a joke for dinner time. Simple.

And so now I have all these things. In a context I never could have imagined. And I have them without settling. Who cares if I’m judging those wants now. I didn’t settle and that is the best part of it all. I added some more wants and massaged some others. It can work out. Be true to yourself and your ideals. Work hard and be good. Be honest with yourself and then all others.



One thought on “I Got What I Wanted

  1. You are wise beyond your years. I wish I could have been that smart at your age. I’m so veray happy that you have found happiness and are peace with your choices. I’m very proud of you and I love you very much.

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