Kale: The Paleo Treat

I’ve been meaning to try my hand at making kale chips for a VERY long time. Like VERY.

St. Patrick’s Day is a potluck day around here and my green contribution was the delicious-and-hot-and-crispy-straight-from-the-oven kale chips.

And they were perfect. Straight from the oven. Last night.

Today, not so much.  They were not as crisp, maybe even on the chewy side. But I’m still glad I made them to give people a chance to try a scary green vegetable in an approachable way. Cooking for your colleagues is a lot like cooking for your kids. Deep fry it and salt it and you’ll likely have a winner.

These kale chips are baked after applying a light coating of olive oil to clean and uber-dry kales leaves. I tried three varieties and the Lacinato I found to be the best. Truly, you don’t want these babies to turn brown at all. Brown = bitter chips.  My base recipe is from my favorite blogger Gluten Free Girl. Searched quickly for smoked paprika like she used but no dice. I went with garam masala. Check out GF Girls kale chips here.

I bet I can get the kids to eat these. Presented in just the right way, like hot, this is a dino snack I would totally make again.


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