Simple Start

It’s funny how such a simple food can be so challenging to perfect. It’s likely that an entire month in the Cordon Bleu school curriculum is dedicated just to eggs.  My mum can consistently present me a perfect ‘2 minute’ egg.  She’s amazing that way. As a mummy endeavouring to teach her young chicklets an appreciation of all things food, starting with one of the basics, a soft-boiled egg, was the natural starting point.  I wasn’t sure I could pull it off.  There are so many variables: are the eggs supposed to be cold from the fridge or room temperature? Do you put them into boiling water or bring them up to a boil? Hedging my bets I put two cold eggs into boiling water for exactly 5 minutes. My mother’s advice must have been embedded in my cells. “Five minutes for soft-boiled from cold”. I really only guessed she meant from cold.

The end product was an egg that my youngest thought was ‘better then grandpa’s’. Booya.

Having to wait for the eggs to cool and the anticipation of seeing a perfect-to-your-liking yolk, contribute to the picture I have in my head of the ideal weekend family breakfast. Slow. Lingering. It even happens sometimes.


4 thoughts on “Simple Start

  1. A journey … something … begins … something … a single step.

    I found the denouement gripping. The photography is especially fine. Were I asked to write the book jacket blurb of this project, it might look like: “I’ve read many cooking blogs on the web. Let there be no doubt that Mummy Bites was, in fact, one of them.”


    Congrats on the new addition!

  2. We call them “dippy eggs” in our household. Because if you can’t dip a “soldier” of toast in them, they are no good. I can cook head-on with the best of home cooks, but the basics of the perfect egg and gravy have always eluded me. Finally my Dad said “4 minutes from the fridge. After that, pull the egg out on a spoon, and if the shell goes instantly dry, it’s ready. if it takes 15-20 secs to dry, put it back in for another 40 seconds.” Seriously, the man cannot cook toast, but somehow, he has the market on dippy eggs.

    Love seeing your heart blossom through food and chicks. It’s beautiful to read.

    An idea for family table-time – we often do special dinner parties just for us. A red and white dinner party on Valentines Day (red meat, white cauliflower in cheese sauce, white mashed potatoes made pink with steamed beets, and stuffed red peppers). The kids decorate and the dinner is always so funny because for once it’s not just me putting the effort in. We do “backwards” dinners – start with dessert first … wear our clothes backwards ….. and every birthday, mother’s day, father’s day, easter … anything even vaguely special we turn into a dinner party. I firmly believe the strength of a family can be traced in part to how often they sit down together at the dinner table together.

    Anyway. Love to all of you.
    Kim xx

    • Going to try your dads way next! Can’t wait to have a proper big dining table so there is room for decorations! Table time is very important and I can’t wait to get into a proper routine all together.

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